Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Head Over 100% Merino Short Row Heels

Have you been here yet? Oh. Holy. Mecca. SOCKS!! (well, socks-yet-to-be)

On my short list for future orders:

1. Smooshy by Dream in Color. If you can make up your mind about which color to try first, you're a stronger man than I.

2. Fixation. That pretty accurately describes my desire to find a yarn I can knit with and wear in the summer. And slouch socks are so 1985, so I'm hoping that little bit of elastic mitigates the cottony-ness.

3. LL Flames. But really, so many colors, so little time.

4. Toasty Toes. Indeed.

5. Potluck by Cherry Tree Hill. Take a risk.

1 comment:

Quail Hill Knits said...

Smooshy's Dream in Color is asbsolutely gorgeous made up (but then, as I said in my eight random facts, I am partial to purples and blues). I like your comment about my height. However, as the facts said I am actuall over 6 feet tall (6'3 to be exact). I, too, am often surprised by people when I meet them because they are not at all like I pictured either. But then, that is the fun in blogging.