Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Nothing to See Here

Or, better yet, let's talk about my kid. The little guy has been a bit of a pill lately, due to the fact that his body is sending him two molars that don't normally arrive until four years from now. So he ain't my favorite person all the time. But then he goes and does something really fabulous like standing up for himself at the playground without retaliating or being malicious, and I get all fuzzy with pride. It makes me think that even if you have huge mommy-guilt and wonder if you'r the worst person in the universe you might not be totally guaranteed to eff-up your kid's psyche.

There's a thing I've been trying to figure out - where did he get that bruise from? I'm there nearly 110% of the time, and I can't recall where he would've gotten a little goose egg in the middle of his forehead. I was the one who gave him his first owie (totally stupid accident not worth recounting), and I was there with him and very sad for him when he got his first shiner. Suddenly, it seemed, yesterday there was a little blue spot in the smack center of his little noggin. Now, the little risk-taker hasn't leapt off anything absurd. Lately. So, I missed something.

News in knitting: the kilt hose are finished. Both. I'm not ready to talk over the details, but they've been given to mine hubster, and he's very excited about the whole plan (involves a Utilikilt). And best of all, he never suspected that those "sleeves" actually turned out to be socks. Pictures forthcoming on model. (THEY FIT!!!)

That's all for now. Go about your business.

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Quail Hill Knits said...

Don't feel bad -- I am always surprised by some new mark, bruise, whatever appears on my sons. They just happen. With regard to your comment on my blog about Etsy --- I actually contacted Lavender Sheep through her blog first and had her custom dye the yarn lot for me knowing what I had in mind. She then posted it in Etsy with a tag on it saying that it was for purchase by Quail hill Knits only, meaning that only I could buy the yarn.