Thursday, May 3, 2007

Happy Ending, or Nearly

I am in awe of the motivational power of a well-distributed letter. I've spoken to our complex manager at least fives times in the last two days. Real trouble-shooting has been going on. There have still been a couple communication break-downs on their end, which is shaping up to be the long-term state of affairs that may be the final straw, but at least there has been an effort to really look at the problem.

The part that really blows my socks off was the call I received today from the owner's office, and it was from the previous manager (Theresa) that rented us our place. She has been moved up to supervise (all?) the properties and their managers. I now have her cell phone number, an apology, a rebate on June rent, and the assurance that this is not the kind of thing they want going on. I am to call if I have any more concerns.

The implication that I have an over-active imagination with regards to household appliances has evaporated. Theresa has a get-it-done attitude, and suddenly Marilyn is trying the same route.

Now, if only the things in my apartment would just stay in one piece for the next year and a couple months so we can stick it out long enough to save for a house.

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Quail Hill Knits said...

I'm happy for you that it is all working out.