Monday, May 7, 2007

The Need for Speed

This arrived over the weekend. The photo does not do this color justice! It's a rich mix of ultra-dark purples with some darker blue and maybe a bit of black mixed in. I'm sure after it gets a little life back (they really pack it in over at WEBS it will be all kinds of soft, yummy fuzz. I'm going to wait for just the right pattern. Meanwhile, I'm contemplating trying my first real lace project - a pattern from Eunny Jang's blog and a skein of Helen's Lace in natural from my favorite LYS. I want to wear it to my friend's wedding in July. Aaannnd...still waiting for some lace-weight from Knit Picks. Mmmm...yarn.

Proof of actual progress! Once I made it past the cable pattern reapeat, I started really cruising. Which is good, because my deadline is two weeks off and that is sock number one you're lookin' at. I have this gut feeling I might need a bit more time. The picture overemphasizes the heel a bit, and the fact that my ball of yarn is tucked in there doesn't help. But overall, I think the sizing and shape will work out really well. Next sock gets planned decreases so they go a little more smoothly. That will make the socks not identical, but the only person who'll really care will be me. The other day, hub asked how my "sweater" was coming along, and I just went with it. Now that I've turned the heel, though, I really need to hide the thing.

Now for something totally diverting and pointless.

Normally, my husband and I are watching about five different TV shows at any one time. A couple of things have ended or are in between seasons, so we're looking at some new stuff. The first two seasons of Hustle have been fast-paced, funny and have departed from typical TV drama format rather admirably. It definitely helps that each season only lasts for six episodes. That way there aren't any filler epi's that don't further the story arc. Like, say, Lost. My take on the third season: is it over yet? My current favorite show by far right now is Doctor Who, with Heroes as a very close second.

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