Wednesday, May 9, 2007

FO: One Half

Check out the first of the pair - a single hose made for kilting.
There are some errors that have come to light since casting on for #2. Peek inside that pink circle, and you'll see a 1x1 ribbing that splays out instead of lying flat. I changed to 2x2 ribbing for #2, and I omitted my little trick of casting onto two needles instead of one for a nice loose start. It works well with regular fingering weight socks, but it turns out to be a horrid idea on this pair. I think when I finish with the deuce I'll take out the first at the cast on, rip down about four rows and try to reknit from the bottom up. In the process, I'm going to have to add an additional row of back cables because I mistakenly started with them on the twin.

That's my leg, btw. The sock is baggy in all the right places, so I think I might've been successful on the fit. Now, if only I had another six weeks to finish these suckers.

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