Wednesday, April 25, 2007

100 Things, #1 & #2

Top Ten Favorite Smells +1 (inspired by accident while reading this)
In no particular order.

1. My son's head and neck.
2. Frying onions, garlic and butter.
3. Fresh basil.
4. The Daphne hedges on the walk between the parking lot and campus at the University of Washington.
5. The graduate libary stacks at UW.
6. Lilacs.
7. That ozone-y smell when you first open a window on a spring day.
8. Freshly brewed jasmine tea.
9. MommaKate's hair.
10. Newly mowed grass.
11. The way home (the NW) smells differenly than the East Coast.

And after writing that I can't help but think of my...

Top Ten Favorite Sounds

1. The call of a red-winged blackbird.
2. Wind rushing through an evergreen forest uninterupted by human noise.
3. My son's first "mama" of the day, usually as he's waking up.
4. Hub turning the key in the door as he arrives home from work for the day.
5. Wind chimes on the back deck of The Cabin.
6. The ritual of packing and tearing open a new box of smokes.
7. The calm silence immedaitely after a household appliance shuts the heck up.
8. My son's laughter, especially when he's giggling flat out.
9. "Swee swee", or my nephew's words for "this way" when he was first learning to talk.
10. Anything by Coldplay.

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LotusKnits said...

omg, i absolutely love jasmine tea!! something else we have in common! thanks for your post on my blog! it's always nice to meet other LJ fans :D