Sunday, April 22, 2007

What Do You Do When go to your favorite knit night and find yourself next to someone who not only makes you deeply uncomfortable but also seems to be there for nefarious purposes.

Nefarious? In a yarn shop?

Well, here's what I did, in no particular order. I laughed nervously at some comments. I ignored others entirely. I struck up conversation with folks to the other side and across the room. I (guiltily) engaged in gossip regarding Mr. Nefarious' own place of business with Mr. Nefarious. And I've been dissecting the whole thing in my head. Since Thursday.

What appeared to be going on in my view was an employee from another yarn shop in the area came to knit night for purposes other than knitting. Comments were dropped about "his store" and what they did or didn't do. Bragging occurred. Just prior to Mr. N's departure, he reminded us all to come to his store on Sunday. And all this went on in front of several employees and the owners of the shop where we were all happily knitting away and sipping complimentary champagne.

Now, there are several permutations for possible reaction. The nice and the not nice, shall we say. That's why I'm still contemplating all this, to be honest. I am really impressed with the courtesy and tolerance shown by everyone present on Thursday. The owner chatted happily with Mr. N. on at least two occasions. I'm not feeling quite so mature or charitable, and am inclined to phone Mr. N.'s store to inquire about his purposes/future employment/other nasty bits. I have considered providing website and blog links for the offending parties. But then, I'd be returning his really bad form, wouldn't I. Ouch.

My hope for the future is that 1) Mr. N. does not make another appearance, 2) I never have to sit next to him again 3) I can learn to quell my own desire to sit in judgment of others.

(Dear viewers, please forgive me for baring my ugly bits. I keep thinking I need to talk this one through a bit more to get my head on straight.)

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