Thursday, April 5, 2007

What Am I?

This is the yarn I've been making hats out of for a the Cast Off Tour date at Powell's in June, and for the Dulaan Project. It's gorgeous and soft, but curry yellow is just not my color. As with all the hand-me-downs I get from BF's Grammie, ball bands are loooooonnnngggg gone. That's why I need you out there.

Here are the two FO's I've made so far, with at least one more planned. Cast on an odd number, knit 6 rows in the round on size 9's, knit 5 rows seed stitch, continue on to desired length in stockinette, then reduce. I bound off the smaller of the two by threading the tail through the final loops, but the larger I bound off with Kitchener stitch. I like the way it makes the star pattern of the redux come together and appear to flow into one another.

This is where you come in, gentle reader: do you recognize this fiber? From feel, it is softer than most wool, but not as lofty as alpaca. Beyond that, I'm pretty much in the dark, unless I shut off the light and hold this stuff up. I never thought yarn could be made use of as a lantern.

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