Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Planning Stages

In an effort not to run aground on really bad color combinations, I put together a sketch of my plan for the Log Cabin Wedding Gift I'm ordering for in a couple weeks. I used the free software Ruth suggested in her series on color, although I think I need to do a bit more playing. This bit took me a while to put together and it is by no means perfect. I would really rather have something set up so I can point and click to change color, rather than point, drag, point, click, point, click, for a single color change. The upshot of my color test is that I found out I already had a great contrast color - the cream. I just don't see neutrals like white and black as much other than background, but those dark reds and browns sure brought out the pale. I think I like it.

My list of intended projects is coming along nicely. After reading through my local library's copy of EZ's Knitting Around I think I'd like to make a couple of Pie Are Square shawls, one for BF's mom and one for mine. I'm pretty set on Knit Pick's Alpaca Cloud in either Stream or Autumn for BFM's, and I'm going to look at either Elegance or Ambrosia for Mom's. I think I'm also adding a Log Cabin in blues and greens to the list for the In-Laws, for which I plan to use the above file to check the look of the FO. Did I mention that already? Oh, who cares.

I found this lovely sale at WEBS while reading Grumperina's blog. I have done some serious felting with Cascade 220 and loved it, so in a surprising show of self control I only ordered 6 skeins of Sapphire Heather. As I warned my husband, I could buy 100 skeins of Cascade 220 in 20 different colors, if only we had the dough. Why worry about where to keep it all until UPS tries to deliver it. I think I'd need to rent a cargo container.

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