Sunday, April 8, 2007

Sunday Salad

Rowling Meets Master Shakespeare

If you're a fan of both, then Saturday's airing of the second episode third season Dr. Who is a blockbuster. I know, how can so much greatness exist in one place? Hopefully you'll watch and find out, although if you're on the North American continent you might have to drool and wait.

The 1st Sunday After The 1st Full Moon After The Vernal Equinox

Also known as Easter. Which in my childhood meant dyeing, hiding and hunting eggs without any religious connotation. We also received a huge box of candy from my paternal grandmother in what amounted to a semiannual sugar installment.

I'm planning to carry forward that dyeing, hiding and hunting, although without the competitiveness and some of the emotional mishaps that accompanied my own experience. One year, I spilled the cup of blue dye on the carpet, and didn't hear the end of it the whole weekend. That's always loads of fun for a twelve year old. This year was the second Easter egg hunt for the little guy, and the first that he was involved in the dyeing process. Like a charm. We even found a good place to hide eggs in our apartment complex neighborhood.


I've sewn up the ends on another preemie hat, which means now I can drop off the whole inventory. I've also come to the neck shaping on the experimental sweater and progressed a few rows on the kilt hose. I don't look forward to starting sock #2. Mother's Day and BF's birthday are both quickly approaching and my plan is to knit up 12 or so ball band washrags. Good thing they're quick.

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