Monday, April 30, 2007

Acquisition Phase

The WEBS sale had me completely tied up for at least three weeks. I was unable to open a web browser without going back to eyeball different colors and consider new ideas. I received my Cascade 220 in Sapphire Heather, and it's beautiful as expected. It actually arrived before the Pastaza, but I just didn't put up a picture. (My Knit Picks lace weight is getting here this afternoon!!!!!)

Over at January One, the insanity has lasted for weeks. But it was good, it was colorful, and it had very interesting results. So interesting, in fact, that I am inclined to join up and get my own passport to bug frak crazy in the form of a mitre blanket project. To that end, I've been vetting sources. Remember my list of LYS's to scope? Well, check Northwest Wools off that list, because I did and let's just say...not so much. They have Tahki, but in very limited colors. And NO sock yarn that I could readily discern. And the service was abrupt at best. I'll give them the caveat that bringing your two-year-old into a yarn store is a real turn-off for most shop owners, but that doesn't mean I'm not a serious knitter.

At any rate, I think I'll be checking one other source here in town for colors, but most of my Tahki is probably coming from either the manufacturer or WEBS.

And that's me for a while because I have to get some b.b.d.r.'s finished to send out tomorrow or Friday for Mother's Day and the k/h needs finishing.

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