Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Untried LYS's

As if there wasn't enough yarn in my life and place to get it from, I've been thinking about checking out some other local yarn stores. I took Farmhouse Knit Shop off my list because I'm virtually unable to make their store hours and they don't sell much sock yarn. Here are some other places on my list of "exploration":

Dublin Bay Knitting Company
-They don't seem to sell online like my other favorite shops, but they're only in The Pearl, which isn't far.

Northwest Wools
-I've heard loads of good things about these folks, and Multnomah Village is close and has a notoriously good toy store. N.w.W. also sells roving and fleece for needle felting and spinning. Score.

-Somebody I work with has taken classes and lives near this one. She swears by the place. Worth a look.

There are a couple stores that wouldn't be far, but one can only spend so much time acquiring fuzz. Sometimes the dishes really should be done.

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